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A U.S. native raised in Mexico, Marcia worked in the Webb County District Attorneys’ Office in Laredo, Texas as a Victim Advocate, for several years prior to moving to Austin. She honed her attention to detail and problem solving while transitioning victims of the crime to survivors, by advocating for the rights of the immigrant Hispanic community in the court system. Marcia brings these skills and a passion for helping others, in assisting clients and other members of the legal staff with the many issues that deserve attention on a daily basis.

Marcia has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, and a Master of Public Administration.

When she is not in the office Marcia enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and volunteering her time to local non-profit organizations. She also likes to explore Austin, her now hometown, which always seems to have something new around each block.

Get in touch with Marcia directly at 512-481-2969, or by email at [email protected]

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