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Construction accidents in Texas often give rise civil lawsuits

While most other states require employers to carry workers' compensation insurance, Texas does not. While such insurance typically provides limited benefits to victims of construction accidents and other work-related incidents, injured workers in Texas can pursue financial relief through the civil justice system of the state. A victim of a 2018 natural gas explosion decided to take such steps.

According to court documents, the plaintiff suffered severe burn injuries in an explosion last June. He was a member of a construction crew working at Central Texas hospital. Reportedly, he was one of 13 workers who suffered injuries in the incident that claimed the lives of three of their colleagues. None of the medical staff or the patients in the hospital were injured.

Wrongful death claim might follow fatal e-cigarette explosion

The Food and Drug Administration has issued repeated warnings about the risks posed by e-cigarettes or vape pens -- not only about health risks but also about burn injury hazards. Following several incidents in which these devices exploded and caused severe burn injuries to users in other states, an event in Texas might lead to a wrongful death claim. An e-cigarette explosion caused the death of 24-year-old man on January 29.

Reportedly, the man experienced problems with his Mechanical Mod pen and sought the help of the manager of a vape shop. He received no support, and the manager said the store did not stock this product because it was known to malfunction. Shortly after the man left the store, the device exploded when the man attempted to use it in the parking lot. The store manager called emergency services who rushed the victim to a medical facility.

Inexperience can be deadly in construction accidents

Construction company owners in Texas are responsible for the health and safety of their workers. A part of that responsibility involves safety training, regardless of the experience levels of the workers. Construction accidents that result from mistakes made by inexperienced workers who never received the necessary safety training are all too common.

A tragic example of such an incident was recently reported in another state where a 16-year-old worker was electrocuted. Reportedly, the boy was a part of a construction crew working at a residential project. It was determined that the employer ordered the young worker to access the roof in the front of the house while two co-workers were carrying out tasks in other areas. However, they were all aware of the fact that the youth would have to maneuver on his own a 25-foot ladder that was fully extended.

Many Austin car accidents involve dockless scooters

Austin is one of many cities nationwide in which concern exists about the health and safety hazards posed by dockless scooters. Along with car accidents, scooters make up a significant percentage of injuries that occur on city streets. The Austin Transportation Department joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in conducting a study into the use and the health and safety risks linked with dockless scooters.

Regulations related to the use of dockless scooters and bikes were implemented in Austin in November, and the ordinance is scheduled for review in February. It is expected that this might lead to control over the locations where dockless transports may operate, along with restrictions of the speed at which they may travel. Authorities say six operators have 11,000 scooters in the city, and they are often seen weaving through pedestrians on the city sidewalks and vying for space with other vehicles on the streets.

Most common causes of construction accidents

Construction workers in Austin and other areas of Texas will always face multiple occupational hazards, some of which are more prevalent than others are. Workers in this industry spend a significant percentage of work time in elevated areas. This explains why a considerable number of construction accidents involve trip and fall incidents. Trip hazards can cause falls from scaffolds and other high areas, but uneven terrain, random pieces of equipment, building materials and debris can cause falls at ground level.

Electrical hazards cause threats on scaffolds and at ground level through direct contact or indirect shocks by touching objects that conduct electricity. Threats include incomplete electrical installations, exposed wiring and overhead power lines. Caught in or between objects pose significant risks on construction sites where mobile equipment and heavy building materials can trap, compress, squeeze or crush workers or their body parts.

Car accidents: Teen drivers repeat parents' bad driving habits

Too many lives are lost on Texas roads as the result of speeding. This is one of the most important things that parents should avoid passing onto their eager but inexperienced teenagers. Sometimes, it is only after tragic car accidents that parents consider the examples they set for their children from a young age when they hit the gas on an open stretch of rural road or when they are late for work.

Most teen drivers will likely find the thrills provided by speed irresistible at some stage, but it is up to the parents to make sure they understand the risks of speeding and know that it is unacceptable. It is also crucial for teen drivers to learn that the posted speed limit might be an unsafe speed for driving in poor weather conditions. Drivers have more control when they drive slower when roads are wet and visibility poor -- especially if they are inexperienced.

Wrongful death: Sanitation worker killed in traffic accident

The Texas Department of Public Safety commiserated with the families of sanitation workers whose lives were lost in recent weeks while they were on duty. The latest incident occurred in Texas on a recent Monday evening when a vehicle struck a waste collector in Orange. When such fatalities are caused by the reckless or negligent actions of third parties, wrongful death lawsuits might follow.

According to a preliminary accident report, the vehicle struck the sanitation worker while he was completing his route. Although he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he succumbed to his injuries later. Reportedly, the driver whose vehicle allegedly smashed into him was an 18-year-old female who was also taken to the medical facility for treatment of injuries that were not life-threatening. A blood sample was obtained from the driver, and initial investigations also determined that she was not using her mobile phone when the accident happened.

Holiday sales are another cause of distracted driving

Shopping online might seem like a convenient way to save money, but you don’t save money when you get in a car accident. The bills can be astronomical if you’re at fault in an accident. If a driver is looking at their phone to get the latest holiday sale, it’s a danger for everybody on the road, in the parking lot or even on the sidewalk nearby.

The chaotic atmosphere of Black Friday door buster sales is well documented, and limited time sales online are the same concept. Shoppers need to rush to complete their purchase, regardless of what might slow them down.

Holidays spike tragedy from all types of motor vehicle accidents

The holiday season beckons Austin residents to travel across the network of nearby cities to visit with friends and family. The increase of driving long distances with little sleep or rushing to make it places fast, along with alcohol and partying increases the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents. What is meant to be a time of thanksgiving and quality time with loved ones can easily become tragic when pedestrians and drivers encounter dangerous situations while in transit.

Heavy holiday traffic puts law enforcement on guard for expected fatalities. Unfortunately, many families will grieve in the next few months due to accidents that could have been prevented. While prevention is routinely stressed in televised public service announcements, news interviews and online content, many people young and old will be the victims of serious accidents in the coming months.

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