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Construction workers in Austin and other areas of Texas will always face multiple occupational hazards, some of which are more prevalent than others are. Workers in this industry spend a significant percentage of work time in elevated areas. This explains why a considerable number of construction accidents involve trip and fall incidents. Trip hazards can cause falls from scaffolds and other high areas, but uneven terrain, random pieces of equipment, building materials and debris can cause falls at ground level.

Electrical hazards cause threats on scaffolds and at ground level through direct contact or indirect shocks by touching objects that conduct electricity. Threats include incomplete electrical installations, exposed wiring and overhead power lines. Caught in or between objects pose significant risks on construction sites where mobile equipment and heavy building materials can trap, compress, squeeze or crush workers or their body parts.

Strict control of tools and materials on scaffolds and other elevated areas is crucial because dropped tools or other objects can become deadly projectiles that threaten workers at lower levels. One more risk that construction workers face involves excavations and trenches that could collapse. Many workers do not know that they have the right to refuse to enter trenches that lack appropriate support to prevent cave-ins.

Many more risks exist on building sites, regardless of whether the projects involve skyscrapers or single-story residential properties. Victims of construction accidents might be overwhelmed or anxious about medical bills and lost wages, but help is available. The Texas workers' compensation insurance program will provide financial assistance, and an experienced workers' comp attorney can help with the filing of the benefits claims.

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