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by | Jan 15, 2019 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

Austin is one of many cities nationwide in which concern exists about the health and safety hazards posed by dockless scooters. Along with car accidents, scooters make up a significant percentage of injuries that occur on city streets. The Austin Transportation Department joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in conducting a study into the use and the health and safety risks linked with dockless scooters.

Regulations related to the use of dockless scooters and bikes were implemented in Austin in November, and the ordinance is scheduled for review in February. It is expected that this might lead to control over the locations where dockless transports may operate, along with restrictions of the speed at which they may travel. Authorities say six operators have 11,000 scooters in the city, and they are often seen weaving through pedestrians on the city sidewalks and vying for space with other vehicles on the streets.

Authorities report that the rapid increase in the numbers of scooters in U.S. cities and the sharp rise in reported scooter-related injuries and deaths underscore the urgency to implement educational campaigns. Users need to learn how to operate these scooters safely. Some suggestions included limiting the number of scooters and reducing the allowed traveling speed in high-traffic areas.

Injured victims of car accidents that involved dockless scooters might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the Texas civil justice system. Establishing negligence, on which personal injury claims are based, might be challenging, but help is available. An experienced Austin attorney can provide the necessary guidance and support throughout the ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of financial and emotional damage recovery.

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