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If you drive a large truck in Texas, then you know that you have to have your truck weighed in regularly. When you get a new load, you need to have a weight. You need to know your vehicle’s empty weight as well. Weight plays a huge role in operating your vehicle. Why does it matter, though? Why is weight so important when it comes to trucks?

The Industrial Scale Company explains that truck weight is important for a few different reasons. The first will not probably surprise you and that is for monetary reasons. This includes taxes and profit. Knowing how much weight your truck is carrying allows you to know how much cargo you have. The more cargo you have means the more profit for your company. When it comes to taxes, the weight allows the state to know how much to tax your company.

However, perhaps the most important reason for monitoring your truck’s weight is safety. Roadways and other road structures are built to handle maximum weights. If your vehicle exceeds the maximum weight allowed by law, which is 80,000 pounds, then it can cause damage to roadways and structures. It could also cause instant damage that could put you and others at risk for an accident.

Furthermore, an overloaded truck handles differently than a lighter truck. It takes more time to stop and slow down. It is harder to maneuver and control. It poses a larger risk to everyone else sharing the road with you. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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