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While it is not legal in Texas, you may still see motorcycles practicing something called lane splitting. This driving maneuver is actually illegal in every state except California, which only just made it legal in 2016, according to I Drive Safely, LLC. Lane splitting is when a motorcycle drives between lanes. Riders may do this in normal traffic or during a traffic jam when cars are not moving. It allows them to move ahead of the other vehicles on the road.

Despite being illegal almost everywhere, some experts think that lane splitting is actually a beneficial practice. You may find this hard to believe, since it requires everyone to be more aware on the road. Instead of just having to watch the other lanes, you have to watch out for bikes driving in between the lanes as well. However, there are some identifiable benefits of the practice.

The main benefit is that it helps keep riders safer. They can remove themselves more easily from dangerous situations and get to a safer position. In addition, it can help reduce travel time for the motorcyclists and for others on the road since the bike is no longer a part of the traffic you have to deal with. Plus, moving motorcycles along quickly in traffic means less pollution gathering in the air from the bikes and from other vehicles since traffic moves more quickly.

Of course, there are still risks and if you are lane splitting, you should only do it where it is legal as drivers in other areas may not expect it to happen and not look out for you. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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