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A good motorcycle helmet can protect your head and shield you from devastating injury if you get into an accident with another vehicle on a Texas road. You might feel that your motorcycle helmet is something you will rarely, if ever, need to replace. However, for a number of reasons, you might need to buy a new helmet sooner than you think.

According to Esurance, once a helmet has been used in a crash, the rider should give strong consideration to replacing it. Some helmets crack after an accident, which is a clear indication the helmet should not be used again, but even if the helmet is not outwardly damaged, the stress of a crash can still damage the inner protective layers of a helmet, leaving the helmet weaker and the rider more vulnerable.

In general, the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet lasts from two to five years, so even if your helmet never experiences an impact or a fall, there will come a time when the helmet is not sufficiently protective. The natural hair oils and sweat of a rider can degenerate the inner protective layers of the helmet, and after a few years, a helmet may not be as protective as it used to be. Also, with advances in helmet technology, a new helmet may be more protective than your old one.

These reasons are why it is risky to buy a used motorcycle helmet, since a used helmet can be weakened in the aforementioned ways. While a helmet can be taken to a professional for examination and repair, unless the helmet is scratched, it is typically a wiser move to simply purchase a new helmet. Even if the cost of a new helmet seems like it can pinch your wallet, it is far better than getting into a devastating accident that can cripple you or end your life.

This article is not written as actionable legal advice. Motorcycle accidents can happen in many ways, so only read this information for your educational benefit.

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