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Remaining safe and injury-free on the construction site in Texas is a priority for all workers. Understanding the top reasons workers suffer injuries is the best way to keep yourself, and those around you, safe.

The attorneys at Freeman Law want to make sure you do not get hurt while doing your job. Common pitfalls abound around a construction site, but increasing awareness and remaining diligent in the face of these can help avoid catastrophic consequences.

Steering clear of fall hazards

Construction requires a certain measure of climbing in most circumstances. Needing to climb heights via ladder or scaffolding is standard practice. Falls are the number one hazard present on the job. This does not just mean maintaining a solid grip. Tripping factors come into play when tools do not get put away or debris remains scattered about the area. Keeping your work area clean and neat may not seem plausible, but it is one of the top ways to avoid unfortunate falls.

Constant monitoring of equipment 

Heavy equipment such as forklifts and cranes are essential in performing necessary construction site job duties. Knowing your surroundings when operating these heavy and cumbersome machines can keep your coworkers safe from unintended collisions. Likewise, as a person on the ground, it is best to keep a keen eye out for others operating heavy equipment. You can warn others and stay clear of their dangers.

Construction accidents can turn from minor scrapes to major injuries quickly. Further information on safety and how to handle a job-site accident is available on our webpage.

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