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No motorist wants to become a statistic. Fortunately, a motorcyclist does not have to become one to appreciate the aggregation of information about motorcycle accidents collected each year. As data accumulate throughout Texas, crash reports and statistics flow into a database maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT reviews and evaluates the crash data. Then each year, it publishes its annual report on motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries.

In its report, TxDOT breaks down the results so that readers can see how information about fatalities, injuries and helmet use relate among all ages. For example, readers can compare the extent of injuries with the frequency of helmet use among motorcyclists and their passengers.

Before heading out on the road, motorcyclists in Texas would do well to learn what other drivers expect. That includes the expectations of the Texas legislature. Drivers may wish to review some instructions and statistics available to the public. Motorcyclists can survey Texas’ requirements for getting licensed, made available by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The DPS reminds every would-be motorist to apply for a motorcycle license. The state will require most applicants to complete a state-approved safety course. A Texas motorcycle license is distinct from a regular driver license. In fact, motorcyclists need both licenses.

The DPS provides further instruction about minors. It outlines the general requirements for licensing minors who wish to operate a motorcycle. Minors must also complete a safety course approved by DPS before becoming licensed.

Taking reasonable steps to share the road, motorcyclists can ensure they are prepared to take off. It is easier to enjoy a nice ride when everyone knows it is a bit safer out there.

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