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When you work in construction in Texas, you face many unique dangers and risks that are an inherent part of your job. Each day, depending on the type of job you are currently participating in, you may be at risk of falling, being crushed or getting hurt by a piece of equipment or debris. Protecting your well-being is a task that is both the responsibility of your employer, as well as yourself.

Implementing a safety program in your workplace is something that you can encourage your coworkers and superiors to do to help create an environment where health and safety are a top priority. If such a program already exists, you can look for important qualities to guarantee that this program is working to its full capacity in providing protection and incentive.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your superiors should be leading by their example in demonstrating how to complete daily job functions in adherence to federal and company protocols for safety. Adequate hazard controls should be readily monitored to identify weaknesses before they turn into serious dangers for you and your coworkers. Training should also be provided to help you and others recognize such weaknesses so they can be reported in a timely manner.

Your employer should discuss how emergencies should be handled and what you should do in response to an accident. If you have suggestions for ways that your employer can improve the safety of you and your coworkers, be forthright in sharing the solutions you have come up with. Your involvement in bettering your workplace may be the difference in preventing unnecessary injuries resulting from avoidable accidents.

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