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When teenagers get their license to drive, they become very eager to get behind the wheel and get on the road. In all of the excitement, it is very easy to lose track of everyday safety habits that all drivers should follow. If your teen can drive on their own, share some quick tips with them to stay safe on the road.

Teenagers are at the highest risk of getting in car accidents, so we must do everything possible to prepare them to be safe drivers. Here are some quick tips that every parent should offer to their young drivers:

Keep your cell phone out of reach

Cell phones should never be in the hands of a driver. Set up the GPS before driving, and do not touch it until you reach your destination. If possible, leave the cell phone in the glove compartment to avoid any temptation the phone may offer.

Avoid reckless drivers

If another driver on the road is driving dangerously, make sure your teen knows to stay clear of them. Signs of reckless driving include swerving, speeding, driving between lanes, or driving while using their phone.

Choose safe passengers

Just because a van can seat eight people, does not mean that it should. Too many passengers become a severe distraction for even experienced drivers. If you have wild or reckless passengers, they can also become a deadly disruption in a car.

Maintain the vehicle

Waiting to repair burnt-out taillights, worn-out windshield wipers, or faulty brake-pads can result in catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths. Regularly check all features of a car to ensure they are working correctly.

Be cautious

Taking safety for granted can be deadly. Never assume that it is safe to be a distracted driver. Follow these tips to make sure your teen helps keep the roads safe for everyone.

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