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Jobs in the construction field require skilled workers who are able to complete complex tasks in highly dangerous environments. From the threats of necessary construction chemicals and compounds to the dangers of the large machinery that is used, there are many ways that workers can be harmed or killed while completing the responsibilities of their employment. Texas worksites, as well as construction sites throughout the country, are subject to safety regulations that are intended to protect workers from harm.

However, despite the protocols that construction sites should implement to prioritize worker safety, hundreds of workers are hurt every year in on-site construction accidents. In particular, many workers are hurt in accidents involving falls. While some of these incidents occur from different levels or heights, falls on flat surfaces are also problems for many workers.

When construction workers are working at least 6 feet off of the ground, they must be secured using safety equipment to prevent injury if they lose their footing. However, falls can happen when workers trip and fall over loose materials on the ground or when wet or slippery materials spill in work spaces. Additionally, falls can happen when equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, and other apparatuses are improperly secured and come lose from their bindings.

A fall can be a deadly event when a worker suffers serious injuries, such as brain trauma or damage to the spinal cord. Internal injuries to the organs and other bodily systems can leave victims unable to survive without medical intervention or to fully recover from their accidents.

A serious fall on a construction site can leave a worker with significant pain and extensive losses. The information contained in this post should not be read as legal advice. All victims of personal injury accidents can choose to contact attorneys to learn more about their legal rights and options.

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