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Just how common on construction injuries? Unfortunately, the answer is that construction injuries can be common as the construction industry can be a dangerous one for workers. Injured workers should be familiar with the different types of protections available to them when they have been injured on a construction site.

Types of construction injuries

There are several different types of construction injuries that are common on construction sites including:

  • Falls: Falls from heights including scaffolding, roofs, ladders, cranes and other heights on a construction site can be a danger for construction workers.
  • Falling objects: Objects that have not been properly secured can fall from overhead injuring construction workers.
  • Equipment-related accidents: Because heavy equipment is common on construction sites, construction workers can be injured by them. They can also be injured by other types of equipment such as a nail gun that misfires and strikes them.
  • Back-over and crush accidents: Construction workers can suffer injuries and harm from being backed over by vehicles on a construction site or from crush and crush between injuries from heavy machinery or vehicles.
  • Trench collapse injuries: Construction workers can also suffer trench collapse injuries and other types of collapses on a construction site.

Construction workers can also suffer injuries from fires and other hazards on a job site or from repetitive stress injuries due to the nature of their work.

Protections for injured construction workers

Injured construction workers have different protections that may be available to them. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with their medical expenses, lost wages and in some other ways. Additionally, in some circumstances, if a third party is responsible for the harm the worker suffered other personal injury protections may be available to them. Because of the challenges they face when they have been injured on the job, construction workers and their families need to be familiar with the range of remedies available to them when they have been injured in a construction accident.

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