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Summer is a popular time for motorcycling in Texas. Motorcyclists may ride as a cost-efficient and enjoyable means of travel. But when motorcyclists are on the road there is always a chance that a motorist will strike them causing serious injuries or even fatalities.

The statistics on motorcycle accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in 2018 the number of motorcycle fatalities was almost 27% greater than the number of motorist fatalities per mile driven. And in 2019 5,014 motorcyclists lost their lives in a motor vehicle accident. In 2019 motorcycle fatalities made up 14% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities. This is more than two times the number of motorcycle fatalities in 1997.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcyclists do not have the physical protections afforded to cars such as seat belts, air bags and crumple zones. This means that motorcyclists are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash with an automobile even if the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet. Drivers of automobiles may not be paying attention to motorcyclists in their vicinity causing them to strike a motorcyclist. Motorists may also not yield to a motorcyclist’s right of way which also could cause a motorcycle accident. And drunk driving can always lead to motor vehicle accidents including accidents in which a drunk motorist strikes a motorcyclist.

Learn more about motorcycle accidents

All motorists need to practice motorcycle awareness to avoid causing a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, some motorists will take risks around motorcyclists leading to a crash that injures or kills the motorcyclist. Those in Austin who want to learn more about motorcycle accidents are encouraged to explore our firm’s website on this topic.


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