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On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

A recent pileup on Interstate 35 left a teenage boy dead and 5 other people with injuries that rescuers described as incapacitating. The accident happened north of the Austin area.

Authorities said that, in addition to the fatality, they had to take 1 person by helicopter to a nearby hospital. They transported 4 other people by ambulance to the hospital. Some reports were that rescuers had to use CPR to revive several victims, including children.

The other 6 people involved in the car accident did not suffer serious physical injuries according to those who rendered assistance at the scene.

The boy who died in the accident was from out of state and was 13 years old. One of the other victims who had to be taken to the hospital was also a teenager.

Police did not say whether they issued any citations, but they did call the accident a chain reaction. They said it happened near a construction zone.

Drivers must be cautious in and around construction zones

Texas has laws which increase punishments for drivers who commit traffic violations in construction zones, and there is a good reason for these measures.

During 2020, Texas recorded 22,000 accidents inside construction zones. Because of those accidents, over 185 people died and an additional 680 victims suffered serious injuries.

Drivers can take some basic steps to avoid accidents in work zones. They should travel at the speed limit, even though it is much lower than the usual highway speed limit.

Drivers also need to be careful to pay attention both for highway workers and for other vehicles. They also should make sure to leave plenty of space between vehicles since sudden slowdowns and stops are common in and around construction zones.

When drivers do not follow these simple safety steps, serious or even fatal accidents can result. Those drivers who cause these accidents may be financially responsible for the losses they cause.


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