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Falls are the leading cause of death on American construction sites, according to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration. In 2018, 320 construction workers fell to the deaths on construction sites across the nation. Some of those victims lived right here in Texas.

There are some proven ways to prevent falls by workers at construction projects, but unfortunately not all construction employers take these prevention methods seriously. This post will discuss some of the ways construction workers should be protected from falls while at work and what liability may attach to employers to fail in their duties of care to their workers. No part of this post should be read as legal advice and all injured construction workers can take their questions to trusted construction injury law attorneys in Austin.

Fall prevention: Important policies to have in place

Fall prevention begins with planning to protect construction workers while they are on the job. Entities that employ construction workers should engage in these and other tactics to ensure that their workers have every opportunity to be safe while performing the functions of their jobs:

  • Training: Workers should receive training to use construction equipment and perform work-related tasks in ways that keep them and other safe.
  • Planning: Workers are safer when they know what to expect on job sites. A project plan can help workers understand what is happening and where on a site, which can keep them safe.
  • Protection: All workers should have protective gear to keep them from suffering injuries, falls, and death. There are different forms of protective gear that will be needed for different kinds of construction projects.

An employer who fails to prioritize the safety of its workers may face challenges of liability when their workers get hurt on the job.

Pursuing losses after a construction site accident

Injuries from construction site falls and other accidents can be devastating. If a victim survives their ordeal, they may suffer long-term and permanent losses from their accident. In the wake of a construction site accident, a worker and their loved ones can take active steps to understand their rights and pursue their losses with the help of a construction accident lawyer.

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