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On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

A horrific car accident took place on Loop 360 early Friday morning.

The crash occurred at Plaza on the Lake just south of Pennybacker bridge. According to Police, a white four-door car carrying four passengers was traveling northbound when it was rear-ended by an SUV.

All four of the car’s passengers were critically hurt and taken to the hospital. One of the four would later die from their injuries.

The driver of the SUV, who was thrown from his vehicle, is currently at a hospital receiving care; he is reportedly in critical condition.

In a separate incident, an SUV breached the scene of the accident while police were investigating. It was brought to a stop after it was rammed by APD vehicles.

Victims don’t have to suffer in silence

A serious car accident is often a traumatic, life-altering experience. However, victims should know that they have rights.

They can file a personal injury lawsuit if the crash was caused by negligence or wrongdoing. A successful suit may result in significant financial compensation.

The first step to justice is contacting an experience motor vehicle accident lawyer. They know the evidence needed to prove the case and can launch a thorough investigation to uncover the facts.

Austin residents shouldn’t hesitate to get started. Motor vehicle accident lawsuits often require extensive discovery and take months or even years to resolve. Furthermore, Texas imposes a two-year statute of limitations on all personal injury cases. Failure to act promptly could mean permanently forfeiting the right to legal recourse.


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