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In Austin and across Texas, the roads can be a dangerous place. Accidents occur for many reasons, but a lack of experience is often the catalyst for a collision with injuries and fatalities. This is obviously prevalent with teen drivers. Since they are new to the road, they might not be fully aware of the proper driving etiquette, what constitutes risk and how to avoid being involved in an accident. Educating them is important, but even that might not be effective. Knowing what steps to take after an auto accident is crucial when determining the best course of action.

Campaign emphasizes safe driving strategies

From Oct. 17 to 23, “National Teen Driver Safety Week” was in effect. This campaign was used to emphasize to teens the importance of caution and following the law when behind the wheel. Statistically, teens are among the riskiest drivers on the road, so it makes sense to try and teach them about safety. The Austin Transportation Department says that during the past year, there were 970 accidents in which a teen was involved. More than 50 led to serious injuries or fatalities. To try and teach young drivers to be safe, law enforcement is vigilant about citing them for violations.

Drivers 16 and under received more than 300 citations since early 2020. Up to half were because of an accident. Anecdotal evidence also highlights how teens can be problematic on the road. Emergency Medical Service workers state that almost half the accidents they encounter involving teens happened because the driver was distracted or exceeded the speed limit. These are two of the most common problems on the road in general and it is especially worrisome with teens who do not have experience to begin with.

After an auto accident, the investigation into its cause is key

Car accidents occur without warning. With the possibility that those who have been injured will be confronted with exorbitant medical costs, lost wages and the possibility that they will never again be the same as they were before the crash, it is imperative to understand how to proceed. Because teens are new to the road and may make drastic errors and behave recklessly, those who were involved in a collision with a teen driver should be aware of the need to gather evidence. Consulting with those who are experienced in motor vehicle collisions can be helpful in successfully moving forward with a case.


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