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There are several common categories of injuries car accident victims suffer and those injuries can result in severe physical, financial and emotional damages. Car accident victims should be familiar with the common types of car accident injuries and legal resources available to help them with their damages.

Common car accident injuries

There are several common types of car accident injuries including:

  • Head and brain injuries – head and brain injuries can be some of the most serious car accident injuries victims suffer. Head injuries can be open and closed head injuries and victims can suffer brain injuries ranging from a concussion to a traumatic brain injury. The impact of a traumatic brain injury can be lifelong.
  • Soft tissue injuries – soft tissue injuries can be like brain injuries in that they can worsen following the accident and may be difficult to detect immediately following it. They can also be difficult to treat. Soft tissue injuries include whiplash injuries which are strains to the victim’s muscles and ligaments. Injuries can also include neck and back injuries and bruises and contusions.
  • Broken bones – car accident victims can suffer serious fractures in a car accident.
  • Emotional injuries and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – car accident victims can suffer emotional injuries associated with an unexpected car accident.

Victims of car accident injuries can suffer other serious injuries including internal bleeding and injuries to their organs. Injuries sustained by victims can be costly to treat and can have a significant impact on their lives which is why a personal injury claim for damages can help victims recover compensation for their car accident damages from the negligent driver responsible for their accident.


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