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We are incredibly blessed to live in this area of the country. We get all the benefits of living in Texas (low taxes, no income taxes, cheap cost of living, etc.), with all the benefits of living in a high-tech city, like those in California (Google Fiber, tech company headquarters, etc.). It truly is the best of both worlds. However, a December multi-vehicle crash from highlights that the roads around our fair city are just as dangerous as any other major metropolitan area.

The December multi-vehicle crash

The multi-vehicle car accident occurred in December of last year in south Travis County. The accident occurred in the early morning hours near the State Highway 130 and State Highway 45 interchange. Three vehicles were involved, and as a result of the accident, one child and two adults were taken to area hospitals with critical injuries. Two other children were taken to the hospital, but not with critical injuries.

Just an example

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains crash statistics for the entire state. In 2019 alone, over 3,500 people were killed and nearly 16,000 seriously injured. That means that every day, nearly 10 Texans die on our roads, and over 40 people are injured. Over 250,000 people were injured in some way, which means that nearly 700 Texans are injured in car accidents every day. This is why this December multi-vehicle crash served as a prime example of the issues around our roads.

After an auto accident

For our Austin, Texas, readers the December multi-vehicle accident and the TxDOT statistics may make them scared to drive. Of course, the roads are not safe, but we can take steps to be prepared. First of all, always drive safely and cautiously, giving deference to others on the road. Remember, driving is about getting to where we are going, safely. Simply, changing that mindset can make driving safer. Should an accident occur, a personal injury case is always an option to get justice.

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