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Fatal auto accidents have been rising Texas and across the nation. Law enforcement, legislators and researchers are assessing the problem and trying to find solutions. It is believed that dangerous driving behaviors like distracted driving, drivers who are under the influence and speeding are primary reasons in this increase. In addition, a lack of enforcement in the area is believed to be a major contributor to drivers flouting the law. For people who have been involved in an accident and were injured and family members who lost a loved one, it is useful to be aware of the available steps to cover for all that was lost.

Combination of factors believed to contribute to fatal accident spike

Several areas of concern are believed to be factors in the increase in fatal collisions. In 2021, there were more than 100 road fatalities in Austin. The Austin Transportation Department cites driver behavior as a fundamental issue. According to a representative of the Austin Police Department, its units that handle enforcing traffic laws and investigating fatal auto accidents were called to the scene of between three and four crashes per week in 2021.

Statistics point to the decline in citations that were given in the area as a potential catalyst for fatal auto crashes. In 2019, there were more than 65,300 tickets given in Austin. Just under 14,300 were given because drivers were speeding. By 2021, that had reduced to just under 20,400 overall tickets and 4,271 speeding tickets. This was simultaneous to more people dying on the city roadways. In 2021, there were the most fatalities ever recorded in the area.

The Vision Zero program to reduce accidents through infrastructure improvements and education is one idea that is being touted to lower the number of deaths. The local district attorney’s office is being more vigilant about prosecuting those who broke the law and caused a fatal crash. Still, even with these ambitious goals, the number of deaths is unsettling and a cause of worry.

Addressing challenges after an auto accident can be complicated

Being injured or losing a loved one in an auto accident can lead to a litany of problems financially, personally and emotionally. People may be hospitalized for an extended period, need rehabilitative care and be unable to work or contribute to a family. When there is a fatality, those left behind could wonder how they will move forward. The entire situation must be investigated to decide how much was lost and how to handle the case. Having experienced advice is a wise first step to decide on a strategy.


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