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There are a variety of different ways that construction workers can be injured on the job. There are also several different legal options and protections available to help them with their damages and harm that they should be familiar with following a construction accident.

Common construction accident injury types

The construction industry can be dangerous. Some of the most common injuries in construction include:

  • Fall injuries: Fall injuries are the most common type of construction accident injury that workers may suffer. They can suffer falls from scaffolding, roofs, elevator shafts and other heights depending on the nature of the job site.
  • Falling object injuries: Falling object injuries can take place when machinery and other items above are not properly secured and fall and injure the worker.
  • Equipment-related injuries: Equipment can be poorly maintained, operated improperly or misfire, causing injuries to construction workers.
  • Back over and crush between injuries: A variety of different types of heavy machinery are commonly present on construction sites and can lead to back over and crush between accidents injuring workers.
  • Fire and explosion injuries: Fire and explosion injuries can be caused by hazardous materials commonly found at construction sites.
  • Trench and other collapse injuries: Construction workers can be injured when a trench or other temporary structure on a job site collapses.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Much of the work construction workers perform on construction sites is repetitive in nature and can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

When a construction worker is injured on the job, there may be different parties that are liable for their injuries which can include a negligent third party or manufacturer of a defective piece of machinery. They may also be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Injured construction workers should understand all the different resources that may be available to assist them following a construction accident.

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