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Let Freeman Law Help You Get The Compensation You Need

If you suffered harm because of a dangerous consumer product, you could have grounds to pursue financial compensation through a civil claim. At Freeman Law in Austin, we help innocent Texas consumers seek full recovery from liable parties. Our attorney Jim Freeman has decades of experience in personal injury law, and he can help you.

Dangerous medication, mislabeled products or faulty components in a product can lead to serious injuries and illnesses. Common examples of dangerous products that often cause harm to the people who buy and use them include auto parts, power tools, appliances, medications and medical devices. If you were injured by a defective or dangerous product, let us help you.

Who Is To Blame For Your Injuries?

In a products liability claim, it can be difficult to establish which party is at fault. One or multiple parties throughout the manufacturing or retail process could be to blame for the issue that ultimately led to your pain and suffering. We will identify and effectively pursue compensation from all responsible parties. The types of defects that could be grounds for a products liability claim include the following:

  • Design defects — When there is a problem with the initial design of a product, it can lead to products that are ultimately unsafe for workers or consumers.
  • Manufacturing defects — Dangerous parts or a faulty manufacturing process can lead to issues, such as contaminated food that makes a product unsafe for consumer use.
  • Failure to warn — A company has the obligation to warn consumers of potential complications, side effects and the dangers of incorrect use of the product.

If you believe you could have grounds to pursue compensation through a products liability claim, it is beneficial for you to take quick action to secure your interests. You need a lawyer who knows what it takes to recover fair compensation on your behalf.

We Will Fight For Your Recovery

At Freeman Law, you will receive the support and guidance you deserve after suffering physical and financial harm due to an unsafe consumer product. We take cases on a contingency basis, which means we will not collect a fee unless we are successful on your behalf. Schedule your case evaluation online or call 512-481-2969. Hablamos Español.

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