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Compassionate Representation For Grieving Families

The unexpected loss of a loved one can affect your family in many ways. From the severe emotional trauma to the extensive financial costs, an accident can permanently alter life for your family. If you lost a family member in an accident caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you have options available to you.

At Freeman Law, we help individuals and families navigate the aftermath of a fatal accident. While nothing can reverse what happened, our lawyer can pursue the appropriate compensation necessary to cover your financial losses and more. This is a difficult process, but our lawyer Jim Freeman will provide the compassionate guidance and support you need.

For a free consultation, please call us in Austin at 512-481-2969 or complete our contact form.

The Importance Of Acting Quickly

During your time of grief, it can be difficult to think about moving forward with a civil claim. You may assume you do not have a case or feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, but it is beneficial to take quick action. By reaching out for help as soon as possible after an accident, you can avoid complications related to the following:

  • The more time that passes after an accident, the harder it can be to secure important evidence necessary to validate a civil claim.
  • Witnesses can disappear, move or change their story after a significant amount of time passes after an accident.
  • Conditions at the site of the crash can change, and it can be difficult to recreate the scene and know what really happened.

By seeking compensation through a wrongful death claim, you can secure the support necessary to help your family move forward and address specific financial needs. This is an appropriate way to hold liable parties accountable and secure a measure of closure for you and your loved ones.

Unwavering Support And Skilled Legal Representation

You need a compassionate and supportive ally during the aftermath of a wrongful death incident. Our attorney will help your Austin family and guide you through the appropriate legal steps necessary to secure compensation through a claim. It may be helpful for you to seek an evaluation of your case by calling 512-481-2969 or by emailing us for an appointment to meet with our lawyer. Hablamos Español.

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